What is the most powerful question in Network Marketing?

In this video from best selling author and Network Marketing expert Eric Worre, you’ll find out a few words that are pure gold.


If I tell you that in this 6 minutes log video you are going to find out one of the most powerful psychological tools that will improve your marketing efforts, will you take the time to watch it up until the end?

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  • What is THE question that will transform your entire business approach
  • When and how to use this powerful tool in your business
  • Why is this little phrase so powerful

If I …. , would you …..

If I will do that four you, would you do that thing? This little magic question is so powerful because it uses not one, but two of the capital principles of persuasion:

1. Reciprocity

I am offering you something, I will do this for you, you are going to receive my service, my time, my advice, anything. This will immediately activate the Reciprocity  principle. You will feel oblige to give something back, to return the favor. Because of this, the answer will most likely be “Yes!”, being so hard to say no to someone that just activated the reciprocity principle. But by saying “Yes”, you just switched on a second powerful mechanism:

2. Commitment

Once we took a public position, once we say we’ll do this, a powerful psychological mechanism will be activated inside our brain and will magically supervise that our commitment will be fulfilled.

The “If I … would you ….” approach and the Network Affiliate Marketing

“If I give you the information about a special event, would you come with me?”

“If I got my leader on the phone, would you be willing to speak with him”

” If I tell you about this special opportunity, would you consider it”

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